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April 22 2017

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Legit rofl

(source: ohmybuster)

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Well… the rains gotta stop somewhere

Oh my god, someone has footage of it! I remember one time my dad, lil brother, and I were leaving a Ryan’s. We were waiting for a chance to hop onto the road and in the distance we just saw everything turn grey. We saw it come closer and closer and come to find out it was rain!

It was just a wall of rain - the end of the rain, really. I’ve never seen it again, but it’s so cool to see footage of the edge of rain!

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@WifiMatthias: Impression aus umgekippten ÖBB Railjet: zum Glück niemand schwer verletzt und WLAN hat durchgängig funktioniert
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i must have slide a thousand times
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Ba dum tss

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